A real portfolio

Most portfolio themes you’ll find around the web look gorgeous and use nifty javascript effects, but they have one key problem: they’re not really portfolios at all. They only let you display a single image for each project, or else use cookie-cutter blog post templates. A portfolio should present your work in the best way possible, and this is why Silverio aims to do.

Automated image selection

Updating your portfolio usually means uploading images, cropping them, copying and pasting the URLs in custom fields, and countless other chores. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time actually working?
Silverio makes it ultra-easy for you to add images to your project. Just upload them, and then select which images to use for the thumbnail with a simple drop-down. No more copy and paste!

Image selection drop-downs

Image selection drop-downs

Image gallery

A single image is usually not enough to fully show your work. That’s why a javascript gallery will automatically be generated when you upload more than one image for a project.

A gallery is automatically generated from the project's images

Project gallery

Project facts

This is what I mean when I say Silverio is a real portfolio template: you get a special block for some key facts: the project link, completion date, and what you did.

Silverio lets you display a few key project facts

Project facts